September 15.
BG had been embarrassed by his inability to hit a rooster the first time he took his BB gun out of storage. So he zeroed his gun with some target practice in preparation for the next opportunity.
It was good to see Jade laughing hard at her dad's 'chicken dance.' She's been so serious with college applications, AP and honor classes, and general Senioritis. 

In spite of that, she also loaded up her schedule by trying out for a part in "The Sound of Music." She played Sister Sophia, a solo singing role. 

And she ran for and won the Secretary role for the First Aid Society. Their main fund-raising gig was at the school's fall fund-raiser, Pumpkin Patch.
On top of all that, my squeamish daughter had anatomy class this fall where she had to dissect various things. The biggest project was a cat. This project might have finally pushed her over that squeamish hump, as Jade talked about her progress over dinner and even took pictures. Luckily we didn't have to look at the pictures over dinner.

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This is the rooster BG finally popped in the butt with a bee-bee: Big White. He did an amazing chicken dance and went to sulk and hide in the banana plants at the back of the property.
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