Circle of women

December 29
I always thought I cooked healthy. We don't eat deep fat fried foods, we avoid processed foods, we cook many things from scratch. But I didn't know the meaning of "cooking from scratch" until I got here and met the Women's Circle. 

For example, I've never done anything with a real pumpkin except make Jack o'lanterns. Hanging out with women who use real pumpkins instead of canned pumpkin for recipes gives me incentive to try new ways of cooking. Free pumpkins incent me the same way - I'm not going to waste anything. So I asked around, and came up with these ideas. I tried all of them and they're good. 
Pumpkin seeds are another matter. We always cleaned, roasted and ate the seeds from our Jack o'lanterns.

We are growing basil in the herb garden, so I'm looking forward to using pumpkin seeds in pesto.  Anita gave me that idea - she uses pumpkin seeds in pesto and humus.
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