October 20
Julia and I are working on my very own editing website! I'm really going big time now. And we get to use my newly screened in lanai as a workspace. When I get tired of looking at the screen, I look up and see the tropical landscape around me.

Julia can do this technical stuff all day long. She's an expert. But I'm overwhelmed after a couple of hours with her, and all we've done is choose the colors, fonts, and some pictures - the fun stuff! I guess she can't tell she's losing me.

And she left me with a tough assignment. Sigh. 

This publicity stuff is hard.

Manifesting Paradise ~ Book Photos
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I love the pictures we chose for my Editing Website. I took those pictures in my own yard! 

Julia encouraged me to consider the end picture for my signature pix - the Bird of Paradise, of course. It shows up on my Editing Website, my invoices, and my business cards.
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Rainbow at HPA
Rainbow at HPARainbow at HPARainbow at HPA
Rainbow at HPA
Turtle on the Beach - Old Soul
Turtle on the Beach - Old SoulTurtle on the Beach - Old SoulTurtle on the Beach - Old Soul
Turtle on the Beach - Old Soul
My editing complusion
Next Essay
Writing about myself for my editing website was difficult. I described how it was like tossing and turning and listening for avocados to drop, trying to get to sleep. These will come down soon.