September 18
Bascom Hall and Hill evoke strong memories of my idealistic youth. Back in college I felt I could make a difference. Then followed years where I didn't have time to think about making a difference. All that has changed. I have the time, and I'm in a place that nurtures it.
Tonight I'm at an Anti-GMO Rally at the Honoka'a People's Theatre. We are seeing the documentary, Genetic Roulette, listenting to a forum, and of course enjoying two bands. An event like this needs food or music or both to help draw an audience. It's part of the culture, and there are so many things to do on any given night that events need that extra pull.

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I loved the opening act, a local band from the Big Island, the Big Time Rythym and Blues Band. The singer is fantastic. They get everyone up and dancing in front of the stage before the main act, Marty Dread.
I heard something at the forum that disturbed me. The audience found out that one of our two dairies has planted GMO corn. Immediately some in the crowd said, "Boycott!" 

But when I thought back to the Food Self-sufficiency Event I attended earlier (See Facts for Foodies, September 7, 2012), I recalled that the only thing in which we are self-sufficent is milk. If we boycott the dairy it could go under. Then we'd lose that self-sufficiency. 

Worse, the big store milk from the mainland that would replace it is all GMO. So we kick ourselves twice. Nothing is simple today.
That dance floor represented all of the different cultures living on the Big Island. Our model is the future - living in a global world, acting locally.
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Graph taken from Hawaii County Food Self-Sufficiency Baseline 2012 Study by Jeff Melrose
Photo courtesy of Evan Bordessa
Photos courtesy of Evan Bordessa
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