Life is getting better - do I have to go back?
August 16
That's the car I bought when I was here with my sister, Grace, last November. I was going to have to pay $2000 to rent a car the following month when I was here with the girls for their interviews with the school. Car rentals are expensive over Christmas. So I figured I'd put that money into a downpayment on a car.  It's another Honda - my 10th!  I love the CRV.

It's sitting along Highway 19, the road that goes around the island. Of course, I'm taking pictures.
When I drive to Waimea to take the girls to school, we see many cattle.  I knew the cattle industry was big business for the Big Island, but seeing all these cows really brings it home to me.

​Some herds look all the same, black or brown. I think those belong to the really big ranches
But some are mixed herds with all kinds of cows together. 

None of these cows look like the ones back home. We have Holsteins in Wisconsin - black pattern on white or white pattern on black, with big udders.
We don't have Internet at home yet, so I was extremely happy to find a WiFi hot spot at a cafe in Waimea, the Waimea Coffee Company.  They have good sandwiches too.  I already have a frequent drinker's card.

Notice the sweatshirt - it's a bit nippy in Waimea at 7:30 in the morning, even in August.

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Most of the herds are all black and look alike.
This week I actually have time for some self-care. I went to yoga. 

This is Anita. I took this picture of us the first week I ever did yoga with her, in spring of 2009! 

Why are all my yoga teachers tiny?