September 21
One of my friends asked me for proof that the visioning tools I use actually work. The proof is all around me in my home and community and the things I've accomplished. Here are a few examples.

How's this for Manifesting Paradise? I asked for an ocean view in my new home, and this is what I see from my back lanai. I could see more if I took a machete to those banana plants back there. But I like the bananas too. Life still remains a game of trade-offs.
The "Movie" I wrote predicted that our new house would have lots of character and an open, airy and comfortable floor plan with a kitchen that invites visitors.

Manifesting Paradise ~ Book Photos
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Here's me grilling wild caught salmon on my front lanai, just as the Movie of My Life predicted.  I've switched to a flexitarian diet, basically giving up beef, and trying to give up pork. While I'm not losing weight, I eat more healthy than before, and exercise more regularly, staving off diabetes and heart disease, two killers in my family history.

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Rainbow at HPA
Rainbow at HPARainbow at HPARainbow at HPA
Rainbow at HPA
Honokaa Peace Parade
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Update: At the time I evaluated the movie, I hadn't yet taken the girls to the UK. But we've since gone and looked at colleges for Faye, just as I wrote it. Here we are at Victoria Station, Stonehenge, and in the Tube.
It also predicted lots of light streaming in from every window and that they'd be situated for good cross-ventilation.
The movie also says I will live in a place where I can get fresh local veggies year-round. Here's the proof: thanks to this farmer's market stand I can enjoy fresh tomatoes at any time. This is one of the Chief Veggie Officers. 

Update: I can now buy her tomatoes at the Honokaa People's Theatre - no need to drive to Waimea on Saturday morning to get them!