Pumpkin patch volunteer
October 23

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Stacy and I and a couple of her other friends staffed the Spooky Caesar Salad booth at this year's school fund-raiser, the Pumpkin Patch. We wore costumes that Stacy got at Mama's, one of the best known thrift stores in Waimea. It's also a 12 Step Bookstore, but you couldn't tell that from their selection of martini, wine and beer glasses. I stocked my ohana hideaway with wine glasses.
The Pumpkin Patch offers lots of food, a chili contest cook-off featuring local chefs, a train for the keiki, a climbing wall, games with prizes, face painting, hair color spraying, no-longer-needed books from the school library and, of course, pumpkins.
pix 1, pumpkins here
Jade worked at a booth too. She sold musubi, a local delicacy made with a slice of Spam sitting on a rectangle of rice, all wrapped with nori (seaweed). 

This creation is popular enough that ads appear in our magazines showing how to make it at home.