September 16.
I have proof that I've been snorkeling before this time with Dianne. The whole family went in 2008, here, on the Kona side.
Here I am after a successful snorkeling adventure, tired but happy. Two Step is an amazing place to see coral and fish. It's a quiet bay, which is good for beginners. But the entry point is tricky and you enter immediately into water over your head - no walking in. 

We didn't see any sharks, praise God.
Fast forward to now: Two Step is a typical Big Island shoreline - lava meets ocean. Luckily this lava is of the Pahoehoe type, not A'a. Pahoehoe is smooth on top, while A'a is sharp and rough. I remember the difference by thinking of people timidly stepping on the sharp A'a and yelling ah, ah, ah!

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The plan was to go snorkeling at Two Step, then come back to the hotel, freshen up and head out for a roaming feast. 

We started at the Billfish, the Poolside Bar and Grille at the hotel, and promptly fell upon the four pupus we ordered. That was apparently enough, because we were pau, done.

No "clubbing" to other restaurants for live music and dessert. No dancing. No more wine. The girls had homework and I needed to check my eyelids for cracks.
We stayed at the King Kamehameha Marriott Courtyard, a new Marriott on the Big Island right in downtown Kailua on the beach (yes, this site actually has a beach). The hotel has been there a while, but newly under Marriott management.
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