The span of Spam
 November 30
People who live in Hawai'i love Spam. The grocery stores here carry all kinds. I never knew there were so many types. This is the shelf set at Foodland, a local grocery chain with a store in Waimea. KTA's shelf set is just as big. Impressive, even if you don't like Spam.
Spam has almost achieved the status of a cult thing here. I took this picture at Target in Kona.  It's in their "I-have-to-get-something-from-Hawaii" tourist section. I guess they think the tourists will love Spam too. 

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Here's my one contribution to Spam recipes. I used to make this when I went camping with my first husband. It's really easy, tasty (yes, tasty) and filling after a day of hiking or swimming.
Recently I found out that Jack-in-the-Box has started to carry a Spam burger! I had to stop and take a picture.