September 20
I used the tools I learned from Rita to manifest this couch In Hawai'i. Really.
To manifest my future I used some visioning tools. The vision board I created mostly in 2007-08 gave me clues to my path. I saw pictures of people enjoying tropical places and foods. It showed happy people exercising and meditating. 

Manifesting Paradise ~ Book Photos
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Even the career section, which was the most sparse, held clues. I had put a picture of Jade and me enjoying the beach, with a caption I cut out of a magazine that said, "During the summer I work much fewer hours - ." But I had crossed out the "much" and replaced it with "many" and here I am starting an editing business!
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Rainbow at HPA
Rainbow at HPARainbow at HPARainbow at HPA
Rainbow at HPA
Turtle on the Beach - Old Soul
Turtle on the Beach - Old SoulTurtle on the Beach - Old SoulTurtle on the Beach - Old Soul
Turtle on the Beach - Old Soul
One of my favorite tools is QTIP: Quit Taking It Personally. Realize that most people are in their own head. What they say and do to you is not about you, but about them. So relax and let their comments roll off of you.  

I loved this tool so much that I gave everyone at work a purple Q-TIP. When someone would come into my office whining about someone else, I'd give them another purple Q-TIP. Some people had quite a collection. This person taped them to her computer screen.
Many people asked me, "How did you do it? How did you retire early and move to Hawai'i?" And even before I left the corporate world, my coworkers asked, "How is it that you're so happy with life?" I had one colleague accuse me of not only seeing the glass as half full, but as overflowing. What's wrong with that?

The answer is a set of tools I learned from Rita.
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Asking the Universe for something doesn't mean you can just sit back and wait for stuff to happen. You have to do your part too.  After much work, Sue manifested her book. It reached number seven on the Barnes And Nobles Top 100 Paperback Book list. Congratulations Sue!
Here the Honoka`a librarian checks Sue's book into our library. 
Tools to the rescue