June 13
One of the key reasons for retiring early was to reconnect with my daughters. When we lived in the Atlanta area, I was the primary caregiver. 

But that all changed when we move to Wisconsin. BG worked from home and suddenly had the more flexible schedule. Now he took them to school, doctor and dentist appointments and so on.  He did homework with them. They became Daddy's  girls.

Manifesting Paradise ~ Book Photos
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Above, we are at our timeshare in Florida, playing hula with a downed palm frond we found - shades of things to come!

Left: Over the years living in Wisconsin, we made a couple trips to Disneyworld in spring.
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Rainbow at HPA
Rainbow at HPARainbow at HPARainbow at HPA
Rainbow at HPA
Turtle on the Beach - Old Soul
Turtle on the Beach - Old SoulTurtle on the Beach - Old SoulTurtle on the Beach - Old Soul
Turtle on the Beach - Old Soul
I still planned our vacations, sewed their costumes, had "the talk," and took them to basketball and ballet practice every week. But to me that didn't seem enough. And now they were mad that I moved them away from 'Home.'
Costumes I made for them for The Prairie School's pioneer day.
Given that the girls were still somewhat resentful that I moved them here, I decided that the best way to approach my desire to connect with them was to change me, not try to change them. I used a tool that had been successful for me at work - The Fish Philisophy.
Michaela is beginning to see cool aspects of living here, like the graduation ceremony at HPA. Besides a grand entrance involving conch blowing and chanted Hawaiian blessings, the graduating class did three hulas. No other high school in the US does that.
Playing while I work
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Connecting with my girls
I took Jade to basketball practice and attended the games for five years in Racine. That overlapped with taking Faye to ballet for five years.