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I love how much you are learning on so many different levels and how wonderfully you articulate them.

I am so proud of you….I hope you know what you have accomplished in showing up on the page as much as you have.  This is more than half the battle. You are doing what people dream of doing…moving to Hawaii and making the time to write.  It takes discipline and the courage of facing the empty page.  You have mastered that part.  Great work!

Keep the stories coming… stuff here.

You made me laugh out loud. Too funny.  Most of the time your writing has me feeling like we are sitting across from each other (or maybe next to each other in a booth!) just having a conversation. 

If I were to weigh in with my two cents worth, and of course I will, I’m thinking…
Since writing seems to be a definite passion (and gift) of yours…find a publisher for your book …I believe it will be a GEM OF A BOOK.  WRITE IT DOWN AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!

This gave me goose-bumps, Diane.  Great advice.  Thanks for sharing ~
Thank you for sharing your stories.  I do enjoy reading them.  Have you thought about creating an on-line blog?  You can be an inspiration to more people.

What a lovely tribute to your dad! (My Father’s Ghost is here.)  I don't have to tell you this, but I will - keep on cherishing those memories.

I love this story, Diane, and your poignant ending.  It seems pretty clear that your father did love you a lot.  I doubt that he felt you weren’t good enough.  Rather, he kept expectations high to give you something to aspire to. Would imagine that many tears flowed when writing this insightful and touching message.

I read this (My Father’s Ghost is here) through blurry eyes…I loved every single word and I could so relate to what you wrote. It brought my dad and my mom and my grandparents back to me…And Diane, I am constantly impressed and amazed with your honesty when you write. Even when it is self-reflecting and even somewhat brutal…your words spin a great story. I’m guessing you take after your dad. 

I just read … while I ate my lunch. It was like reading a good novel. It brought me with you to the simple times.  Thank you for continuing to share and keep going!
Your evocation of lake time is spot on and delicious.  Thank you!

Diane, this was a wonderful walk down memory lane for me. So well written. I think you might consider submitting this or a version of it to a magazine… And although our lives and families were so different, your words brought back a ton of memories. So many amazing and sweet and almost lost-in-time memories….And I also happen to think, that having mothers who love to write and tell stories will not only bring our memories to (our children), but give them such rich perspective and history…and maybe the nudge to become writers themselves. 

This is so beautifully written and thoughtful and full of charm!  I have tears in my eyes.  What a lovely way to begin a Sunday Morning.

Chicken lice!!!!! OMG!  Aloha listening…very cool ending!!!  Love being with you on the trip. Keep ‘em coming,

Love the Odd-End bookends to the piece…quite brilliant!  You’re cookin’

I really enjoyed reading the nostalgic tones in your essay, and it was reminiscent of memories I have as a child going to the beach with my family.

So rich with the generational body surfing,  the wax apples, the interplay between you and your daughters and the fact that as a following reader, I already knew why Michaela picked the afternoon shift…..we have a sense about who she is and her habits.  Good character development and I love knowing them from the inside out— Kathryn’s inner conflicts—very funny and touching.  I am so hooked!

I felt I was right there with the chickens and the swimmers.  Nice writing.  

One positive quality of your writing, for me, is nothing sounds forced…it appears to pour out of you and in your wisdom, you step back and identify what is going on, the bigger meaning. It all feels wonderfully intuitive and reflective.  So, continue to trust your process and the themes will emerge and maybe even surprise you…a bit.  Keep having fun with it all.  You have established characters well and I enjoy tracking with all of them including Henrietta!!!   I really look forward to your pieces.  They take me to a different place which is what we all love about good writing.  Thank you for writing and thank you for sharing. Happy and honored to be a fan.

Thank you for giving me the feeling that I was in Hawaii on the beach in the morning too.  I got chills in the lava cave along with you and could sense the power. I could hear the lifeguard teacher and nod along in agreement with his teachings. I saw the crab holes/sand hills and was proud of Kathryn being most-improved in performance.  What a treat!!!!  I was there walking along with you.  What a lovely feeling and wonderful way to wake up this Sunday morning in LA.  You truly did transport me today….what a remarkable skill.

Hysterical.  Very funny…I smile as I write this.  Cheers and giggles!

Hilarious and so wonderfully written.  Love how clear your boundaries are.

Great read Diane!  Thanks!

Thanks for the chuckle.

Wonderful piece.  I know the FISH philosophy… Who would guess that it would be so useful for teen daughters?  Only you!  It makes perfect sense and I now realize why it was such wise advice to begin with…Have fun playing and growing together…in Paradise.

Loving your title!!!  (on ‘Eggs for nothing and chicks for free’.) Takes an old rocker to know one!

I love this sooooooooooo much.  I read it out loud to Ray.  What a joy!  We both are enjoying the adventures of Henrietta and Farmer Di….keep ‘em coming.  Like the eggs….these essays are Christmas presents in June.

Diane! You are so stinkin’ hilarious. This email just made me laugh out loud. Especially the part about everything the girls want to do is on the other side of the island. I loved how philosophical and festive and the just plain newsy-ness of it all. I hope you continue to savor the good life in paradise and every moment in between. 

I so enjoyed your birthday report! You have indeed become a part of your community. I admire how you are embedding yourself, involved in the people and issues of the island. It sounds like a wonderful party.

60 is cool!!!! What I take away from your birthday party recap is all the LOVE you have attracted in your life…..from the LOVE you put out into the world.  You have done an extraordinary job of putting down roots and engaging with your communities of diverse folk there.  And, you were very wise to join a women’s empowerment circle.  

How wonderful for you and welcome to the 60’s club. It seems your life has taken a new direction and it is one for which you are blessed…Your wisdom, “peace” of mind and enthusiasm for trying new things will bring even more friends and acquaintances your way…You now have a paradise to live in with the paradise you have within you.

Hysterical!!  Happy Birthday!!  I love it all...the girls, your observations on retiring…what you are doing…ahhh…your editing opportunity and that you edited the hell out of it!  So funny… Please keep me posted!  

I loved hearing the details of your world and that means a whole-hearted “YES” to you writing a book…Telling this type of tale is like Melissa Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love.  Really.  Not lying…It is a ‘done deal.’  Just go do it.  The world yearns for people who indeed do it their way.  They salivate over it, in fact.  Yours is the story.  I love it.  Each of your posts has been the beginning of a chapter.  I’d read away every night until it is done!

Go girl.  I am so impressed with the friends you have made.  Only so because you are so open and authentic.  They feel your love and presence.  What a gift to them and you.

I love reading your stories, Diane, and am learning a lot in the process.  Plus, it is really entertaining

Please keep your updates coming - I love hearing about your adventures!

I have just started reading your “blog.”  It is inspirational and enchanting.  I can't wait to read more.  Thank you for sending it.  There is such a good feeling that comes with my visions and memories of Hawaii.  And it's yours…for real!

Love it!  I've got to get to the end of 2011 to see the big surf!  Keep writing! 

WOW!  I got to the end of the 2011 “blog” and holy mackerel!  There you are!  There are so few words to express how A-W-E-S-O-M-E it is to read and see that experience.  Such a great metaphor.  You are living it.  You are an inspiration!  Keep enjoying the journey.

Well all I can say is OMG!!!! Those fabulous pictures are such an awesome metaphor for what you are doing with your life - up on that wave and riding it!!! I can't stop smiling! I am so inspired. You look so free. Here's to riding the waves in 2012!!!
I could not be more impressed and proud! I'm honored that you feel I had some influence in your amazing journey, but in fact I have learned and continue to learn so much from you. In particular, learning to overcome doubts, fears, and hesitation, and embracing life and all it has to offer with gusto!

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences.  I really enjoyed it.  

So lovely hearing from you. Your “blog” is wonderful. You all seem to be settling down beautifully! Please keep me on your list.
Your e-mail made me laugh out loud.  You are an inspiration to all of us.  

I have a strange confection in my head right now of palm trees and wench costumes and turkeys and sauerkraut.  Weird.  Thanks for a little levity in the middle of the day.

I loved your note. It is so jammed full of news and happenings and kind of reads like a novel. You really write well and I love your perspective and how you tell your story. 

I guess you know life is good when your email address has “Hawaii” in it.  Congratulations on your retirement and the beginning of the next chapter. 

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